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Tidings of Comfort and Joy is episode 9 of Season 3 of American Dreams.  


Helen occupies her time helping Beth care for John Pryor III. However, Beth is angry with Helen after she invites her father to see the baby.

Meg continues with her anti-war movements but is shocked when Chris and his friends want to burn down an army recruiting center.

Luke's girlfriend from San Francisco comes to visit but doesn't realize Luke wants to break up with her. Roxanne then becomes afraid that Luke will suddenly dump her one day.

Nathan continues to spend time with an elderly veteran. As a result, when he dies, he leaves Nathan his boat.

Sam realizes that he handled things with Melanie wrong way and invites her to his house for dinner.

The Pryor family must continue through the holiday season without JJ. What they don't know is JJ is still alive and fighting for his way home. After the family leaves for Christmas Eve mass, the Pryor's receive a phone call and learn that JJ is on his way home. In a tearful reunion, JJ is reunited with his family and meets his son for the first time.


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