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The Fighting Irish is episode 5 of Season 1 of American Dreams.  


Jimmy asks Meg to be his partner on Bandstand.

A Notre Dame recruiter is interested in JJ, but when JJ doesn't show up Jack will have to carry the ball for his son.

Patty wants a new water heater and goes around timing everyone's showers to show they need one.

Beth tries her best to get through to JJ, but he brushes her off and while Jack is meeting with the recruiter, he gets drunk with Tommy.

Helen's walks out on the doctor, when she firsts goes about birth control.

Megs thinks her and Jimmy are destined to be a real couple, but he says he only wants to be friends.

Jack gives JJ the cold shoulder over his blowing off the Recruiting meeting.

Helen returns to the doctor a second time and it goes much smoother.

Things change at the big game, when the team needs a big play, JJ fakes an injury, before scoring the game winning touchdown on the play Jack taught him.