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Pryor Knowledge is episode 4 of Season 1 of American Dreams.  


Jack surprises Meg with the announcement that Jimmy stopped by the shop and asked to take her out and he is allowing her to go.

Patty takes a liking to a new boy who is also a finalist in the spelling bee competition. She listens in as Roxanne gives Meg some dating tips and takes one to heart, a little to much.

Rebecca invites Helen and Jack on a double date with her and her economics-professor husband Leo.

Meanwhile JJ won't take Beth to a mixer, because he can't dance, that is until Meg teaches him.

Jack can't stand Rebecca's out spoken boyfriend and wants to end the night early.

Meg and Jimmy's first date goes from bad to worse, as she first talks on and on about cars and later accidentally bloodies his nose.

Beth tells JJ she would rather go alone to the mixer.

Not being able to reach her parents, Meg accepts an offer from Sam to walk her home, only to be stopped by the police.

With the family looking on, Patty loses the spelling bee, only to be outed by Roxanne who knows she blew it on purpose and offers some helpful advice.