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No Way Out is the nineteenth and the final episode of Season 2 of American Dreams, and the forty-fourth episode overall.


As the anti-war movement gains momentum, Meg and Sam get caught in the crossfire at an anti-war rally and finds themselves taking a stand that may have severe consequences in their future.

Jack also takes a stand on Beth and her marital status as he begins his campaign for city councilman.

Helen makes a shocking discovery at work

Patty, disappointed with her first date, turns to Roxanne for advice.

JJ and his squad are surrounded by the Viet Cong and under heavy gunfire when they are told they will not be receiving backup and will be on their own



Special Musical Guests[]

Guest Starring[]

  • Matthew John Armstrong as Pete Pryor
  • Jamie Elman as Luke Foley
  • Sam Page as Drew Mandel
  • Hank Stratton as Donald Norville
  • Steve Ryan as Father Conti
  • James Read as George Mason
  • Kate McNeil as Doris Mason
  • Aysia Polk as Angela Walker
  • Jack Ford as Professor Powers
  • Jake Muxworthy as Eric
  • Larry Sullivan as Russ
  • Hamish Linklater as Pvt. Stan Silver
  • Cynthia Martells as Didi
  • Sara Mann as Joanne


  • Jason Beghe as Staff Sgt. Finch


  • Keith Robinson as Nathan Walker



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