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New Frontier is episode 3 of Season 1 of American Dreams.  


To Meg's utter amazement she is asked to dance by Bandstand regular Jimmy Riley, before he is whisked away by another regular Teresa. JJ quietly rejoins the football team. Sam Walker earns a track scholarship to almost-all-white East Catholic High. Jack invites Sam to dinner to meet JJ, seeing that they're both now on the track team.

Meg is informed by Teresa to be wary of Jimmy Riley. JJ gets upset when he finds out Beth applied to Stanford. Helen tries to find a class that will fit her busy schedule at Temple.

A rumor starts circulating about Meg and Jimmy Riley "doing it", which Roxanne thinks is great, because it means Meg's important now. JJ hears George Mason call him a "Catholic kid from West Philly" to his country-club friends. Meg is asked out on her first date by Jimmy Riley and she readily accepts. JJ dominates the competition in his return to the gridiron.

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