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Meg Pryor is a main character in American Dreams. She is portrayed by Brittany Snow.  


Meg is a dreamer and a romantic, who often makes rash decisions without thinking.

Season 1[]

Meg and Roxanne win the opportunity to join the dancers on the TV show American Bandstand, filmed in Philadelphia. She develops a crush on Bandstand dancer, Jimmy Riley, and they go on a couple of public appearance dates. While never becoming romantic, they remained good friends. Meg later developed a romance with Luke Foley. Meg and Sam Walker develop a friendship, even creating a record-swapping club while meeting at the Vinyl Crocodile record store. She is caught in the riots that shook Philadelphia in the summer of 1964.

Season 2[]

Meg and Sam survive the riots unharmed. She dates a college boy, Drew Mandel, despite JJ and her father's strong dislike for him, but breaks it off when he ends up cheating on her. Meg is arrested at a campus rally protesting the Vietnam war.

Season 3[]

The arrests widen the communications gap between parents and children, and inspire Meg to lead additional protests. A strict new headmaster at East Catholic fires Meg up. New school mate and neighbour Chris Pierce makes trouble for Meg. Meg and Chris' relationship becomes more intimate, but Meg is troubled by reports that Chris helped set fire to a recruitment centre. Despite this, Meg and Chris eventually have sex, with Chris revealing afterwards that he did indeed lie to Meg about the recruitment centre. Meg and Chris eventually break up, and Chris leaves Philadelphia. Meg and Sam consider the possibility of a romantic relationship. After returning home from a Rolling Stones concert, she finds her ex-boyfriend Chris standing in front of her home. He's just been drafted. Meg and Chris both leave Philadelphia on Chris' motorcycle, with plans for them to live in Berkeley, California and campaign against the war.