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I Wanna Hold Your Hand is episode 11 of Season 1 of American Dreams.  


The Beatles' arrival in America and sends the country and the Pryor household into a frenzy, except for a concerned JJ, who receives word that Notre Dame has denied him a full scholarship. Determined to afford his son's college education, Jack seeks financial help from his successful and slightly distant older brother Ted, despite Pete and Helen's concerns. Ted offers to pay for JJ's first year in South Bend in exchange for 50% ownership in the shop.

A confused Meg attempts to classify her relationship with Luke, employing Roxanne's "perfect plan", which is to simply have Luke introduce himself as Meg's boyfriend, to determine if the record store clerk is in fact her boyfriend.

Patty's put in a tough position when she has to teach Will the twelve apostles or she won't get to watch The Beatles on Ed Sullivan that night.