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Cold Snap is episode 7 of Season 1 of American Dreams.  


Meg is angry to hear Luke, the new record shop employee, talking bad about the music she's about to buy.

A sudden cancellation of his deal to supply a hotel with all there new TVs, forces Jack to examine his family's financial outlook and question his own business philosophy.

Sam, who is still adapting to life at East Catholic high school deals with a prank gone too far by the football team, while JJ looks on, unable or unwilling to intervene.

While Roxanne uses her Bandstand connections to start her own business of selling autographed 45's, starting with Marvin Gaye.

Discovering Luke slipped her a Bob Dylan record instead, Meg rushes back to the store to confront him.

The prank gets Tommy suspended and he threatens Sam until JJ intervenes, which draws a nasty response from Sam.

Michael shuts down Roxanne's new business, while Jack tries in vain to still make the big Hotel sell, but it's all for not as Mr. Healey refuses to buy them.

The bitter cold of the night doesn't stop East Catholic from pulling out a last minute victory in the biggest game of the year.