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Charade is episode 2 of Season 3 of American Dreams.  


When the Pryor's meet their new neighbours, they are surprised and shocked to discover that Shelly Pierce is a single mother, a Playboy Bunny and that her son, Chris, is old enough to attend East Catholic. 

As Meg continues her anti-war campaign, she is reprimanded at school by a progressive nun who decides that a better way for Meg to get her message out is to direct Shakespeare's play "Henry V", with a modern day twist.

As Patty becomes obsessed with winning the Campbell's Tomato Soup essay contest, she seeks Donald's help, which causes some discomfort for Helen.

Sam is recruited for basketball at Penn, which concerns Henry, but provides a new girlfriend for Sam - in the form of his tutor.

When Jack's campaign for city council begins to affect his family and professional life, he finds himself faced with questions only he can answer.

JJ's excitement to be with his new squad and return to combat is dampened when he is ordered by the mysterious government man, Stevens, to report to the U.S Embassy instead for further training.


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